Workshop 4

Workshop 4 – Feedback on ACToolkit and the minigames

The final workshop took place on 16th June 2021 and gave attendees the opportunity to examine and contribute to the draft toolkit before it was finalised.

Educators and school leaders can gave their feedback on the content of the toolkit as well as how it is presented both asynchronously using a feedback form and in person at the virtual event. We used the feedback to improve the toolkit to make it easier for agents of change to use in order to achieve change in schools.

We received a lot of positive feedback from participants of the workshops and seminars.  One participant commented after workshop 2, “It’s rare to come across something that is so different, refreshing and practical and I learned an awful lot.” and after workshop 3 they said, “Thanks again for an inspiring and very practical session.”

Another participant stated during the workshops, “I thoroughly enjoyed the two workshops that I took part in with Agents of Change and I think this kind of approach could be really beneficial for schools in integrating the SDGs into what they do.” This participant also wrote to us after the last workshop to provide extended feedback: “As a small, remote primary school, getting involved with the ACT workshops was so important to us in terms of connecting with others, sharing experiences and being part of a process where we could bring our experiences of learners being true agents of change to the group. It was amazing to link with so many different professionals and hear their experiences of change and how staff and pupils can share the leadership and ownership of the processes and results. I have recently moved on to a new school, in a very different kind of remote location, and already I am using some of the mini games to scaffold pupil focus groups to let them drive some real change in a school that is benefitting from a refocus in terms of learner ownership across all aspects of school life. I cannot recommend the ACT Minigames and resource enough to anyone, any school, any organisation who are looking for lasting, inclusive, and impactful change – it really does work!”

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