Tricky Conversations Toolkit – completed game

Tricky Conversations Toolkit This playful activity helps you to facilitate tricky conversations around equality and diversity. It uses cards with prompts to direct discussions, in a way that gives space to everyone to speak without forcing people to speak if they feel uncomfortable. The game is flexible – it could be used as a planned […]

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Pass the Cake – completed game

Pass the Cake This is a gamelike playful creative activity, aimed at strengthening the social ties between parents, children, and teaching staff. The main tasks involve parents and children teaming up to engage in small creative projects (arts and crafts, cooking, writing, etc.) with teachers as facilitators, and subsequently presenting and discussing their creations in […]

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What Am I? – completed game

What Am I? This is a game about cultivating empathy in early years and primary-aged children using an experiential learning approach, which involves recognizing, enacting and conceptualizing emotions, as well as creating and narrating stories focusing on their emotional aspects. The game is provided in two designs to better address the needs and skills of […]

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1.5Max Schools Summit – activities guide

1.5Max Schools Summit This series of activities was developed as a 3-day event for secondary pupils to run at the time of COP26 (though the activities can also be run individually). Pupils learn about what has been done to combat climate change in the past, analyse the current situation and make suggestions on what the […]

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The Aha Moment – completed minigame

The Aha Moment This is an ongoing, gamelike activity for school staff, aimed at identifying potential areas of change in the school environment by gathering and combining information about the school’s current situation. The overall purpose of this game is to help integrate and recognise a change activity within the whole school curriculum. This activity […]

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